Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, there have been some changes in how your doctor might see you. Many people in isolation or in high risk groups will be able to do a video or phone consult for no out of pocket cost. Your GP may also offer telephone or video consults for a private fee if you do not fit into one of these groups. Many doctors will be trying to do as much as possible on the phone and will advise if you need to be seen in person or sent for tests.

If you have respiratory tract symptoms, e.g. sore throat, runny nose or cough, you will probably get better without prescription medicine. STAY HOME until you are well and use simple measures like drinking plenty of fluids, resting, gargles, paracetamol and hot lemon and honey drinks. If you are struggling and think you need to see doctor, please CALL FIRST.

For current appointments, the Practice will be making contact with at risk patients to offer phone consultations. All appointments will go ahead as usual unless you are contacted to change the appointment method.

If you fit the testing criteria (recent travel AND fever/symptoms or a close contact) for COVID-19 get tested at a public clinic and self-isolate until you are cleared.

If you are very sick and having breathing difficulties, you should go to the hospital.

Any non-urgent routine visits should be delayed until this is over, e.g. for skin checks or cervical screening. Flu shots will be available soon. We will keep you informed when you can get yours.

Keeping unwell people out of our waiting rooms will help to protect people who need to be there. It will also help protect the staff in the surgery so we can continue to offer services. Take advantage of this change. It is safer for you and your family, safer for your doctor and their staff and safer for the community. So, thoroughly wash your hands often, stay at home as much as possible, avoid handshakes and high fives and do your bit to help slow this pandemic down.