Patient Information

Telephoning your Doctor

Our doctors will take telephone calls relating to you or your family’s health. If they are seeing patients the receptionist will take a message and your doctor will call you back, if possible, on that day. If time & other commitments prevent a ‘same day’ return call, then your Doctor will call you as soon as possible.

Our practice policy is that the doctor who orders your tests will be the doctor to whom you speak regarding these test results. However regardless of who orders the tests our ‘on call’ doctor will call you if any of your test results are advised to be ‘ABNORMAL’ .

Patient Contact Information

This practice encourages patients to ensure that contact information held (address & telephone numbers) is accurate and up to date and to amend any information that is inaccurate.

RSMC Repeat Prescription Policy
Please be advised this practice is introducing a change to our prescription charging policy as of 1st February 2015, due to the increasing demand on our doctors’ time and the practice resources.

Our policy will be:

We encourage all patients to make a doctor’s appointment with an available GP for all prescription requests to help ease the paperwork load on your Doctor after hours. These prescription appointments are currently bulk-billed. ‘

If you are unable to make an appointment for your prescription repeat, our Prescription charges will be as follows:

All script requests are $10.00

An appointment is necessary for AUTHORITY PRESCRIPTION request, where your GP is required to ring Prescription Authorities in Canberra – no exemptions.

*Three (3) working days’ notice is requested for Repeat Prescriptions without an appointment. The request is to be made in person by completing a “Repeat Prescription” Form available at reception. Exceptions are made for ill-health or distance.

Accounts will not be available for this service and payment at the time of collection is requested. An account fee will be incurred if payment is not received on the day.

Please be aware that these charges also apply to requests for prescriptions to be faxed to a pharmacy.

Our GP’s routinely do not issue repeat prescriptions unless the patient has seen a Doctor within the past 6 months.

Schedule 8 Drugs will only be prescribed by your regular doctor unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Please ask to speak to our practice manager if you have any further questions regarding this policy.